About Us

About Us

Remember the Children started after a fast where the Lord spoke to me and told me to develop a plan for a non profit organization geared toward children in Haiti, to call it Remember the Children, Sonje Ti Moun Yo.

I started putting the organization together. Same week I meet over the phone Bob Pressoir while I was looking for a shipper to send boxes of donated clothes, shoes about 600 pairs of Bandolino brand new. We spoke over the phone for 2 hours, met the week after, got married 3 months after. The rest is history. Remember the Children is born of the Romance of Claude and Robert Pressoir, a God-given dream to better lives of Children every where particularly in Haiti.

We connected with grassroots organizations in Haiti, started shipping containers of clothes, food, medicine, hospital equipment to different hospitals, community centers, organizations, orphanages, asylum. In Gonaives after Hurricanne Jeanne, we shipped 2 containers of donations to Association Pastorale Dr Lux Mesadieux and Pastor Poujolles.


We started helping Sigueneau, Sister Evelyn, in Leogane, connected with Pere Rene of Miragoane helping his school of 300 plus children with food and donations.


We established a Pilot Feeding Program in Delmas 2 Ecole Pasteur Neree giving free food to 600 plus students and teachers with Madame Lourdes Valias at that time as Director of the Feeding Program for 3 years. We gave dry food to Wharf Jeremie school, Pastor Romain to feed 400 kids in his school. Without mentioning giving away food, clothes, underwear, pantyhose, boots, coats at our base in Chicago Illinois. Taking care of emergencies in the community, those without money in need of assistance, medical care. being a liaison for them with MedicAid, Nursing homes etc.


After Jan 12, 2010, Bob Pressoir flew from Ghana, Africa to Haiti but before leaving Accra he went to the Radio Sunny FM to make an appeal to the People of Ghana to rescue Haiti with emergency support right away. A few days after that appeal, Presidency of Ghana announced donation of $3 million dollars hospital to Haiti under supervision of Ghana.


In Haiti, Bob started organizing rescue to the neediest in areas he knew needed immediate attention. He mobilized a team of rescue workers, volunteers to do Klinik Kafeteria mobile all around Port au Prince. Carrefour, Carrefour Feuilles, Christ Roi, Peguy Ville, Delmas 31, 95, Terre Blanche, Paloma, Cite Dieu, Auguste, Eternel, Wharf Jeremie, la saline, Leogane, Miragoane, StLouis du Nord, Jean Rabel, les Cayes.


With a team of 30 to 40 active and diligent doctors, nurses, volunteers, Remember the Children started giving free care to the neediest in remote mountainous areas using Taptaps hired to carry the team, medicine, food.


We deliver food and medicine to thousands of people in each session. We received medicine and food from Spanish Red Cross, Grace Children Hospital, Grace International, Secours, France Gendarmerie, TBN, Friendship Mercy Ship among others.


We distribute the donation FREE of charge from our location 37 Ruelle Waag, Port au Prince Haiti. We keep doing Klinik Kafeteria mobile and on site. Today we have Summer Camp receiving hundreds of kids from Bas Peu de Chose, Carrefour Feuilles, teaching them Bible, Arts, Games with a nutritive free meal and juice.


We are in serious need of demolishing and rehabing our buildings devastated by earhtquake. We need partners to help us monthly with operation of our facilities and programs as we plan to have daily klinik kafeteria komputer programs for the neediest of the population- in area where we are located over 180,000 children homeless, streets run away, prostitute, drug addicts, murderers. We need to rescue them from destruction.We need Partners to support our work with lump sum or monthly donation. We welcome donation of your time, talents as volunteers as well to train, mentor our children.


Media coverage: we have had intensive media coverage, interviews, programs- on June 11 Children Day Program- Representant of Embassy of Venezuela came to visit us to plan future partnership with them. All major networks TV/Radio have interviewed usl Signal FM, Melody FM, Radio Minustat (United Nations Radio), Maximo, Tele SuperStar, Ginen, National Television.

Children are life!

Celebrate life!

Celebrate children!